I love, love, love this song!!! The performance was classic Usher I'm used to :OP


I saw this over on Necole Bitchie. This was a great video, enjoy!


I saw this over on Crunk & Disorderly...one of my fav blogs BTW and this happened to be one of my favortie groups this season! I loves the drama, drama, drama :O)



I saw this over on Sandra Rose. I likes this Jay-Z.


Enjoy & let me know what you think.


I haven't, at least not until yesterday. I heard great things about her CD, Complex Simplicity, and although it did come out a few years ago it's still a great find. I mean, really how easy is it to find great music these days? The market is oversaturated with watered down music, weak lyrics, and studio voices so umm...yeah, it's pretty hard to find new music if you are stuck inside of the "matrix" so to speak. But that's another topic.

This type of music is what my blog is all about! There are artists out here that ya'll are sleeping on that got fire records either now or back in the day that you've never heard of or will here much about!

Who is this?

Teedra Moses was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana to a gospel singer mother, Shirley Moses. She later moved to Los Angeles, California with her mother and three siblings after her parents' separation.

Prior to becoming a recording artist, Moses worked with her best friend Nonja McKenzie as an assistant wardrobe stylist for artists such as Will Smith, Kelis, R. Kelly, and No Doubt. It was after breaking her leg on a video set that Moses decided to follow her heart and begin making music.

Following this epiphany, Moses teamed up with producer, Paul Poli and signed with the Number 1 Indie Record Label, TVT Records to release her debut album Complex Simplicity in August 2004. Complex Simplicity included fourteen tracks all self-penned by Moses with dominant production by Poli; which lead to the well deserved executive production credit by both Moses & Poli. The album underperformed on the U.S. chart, debuting and peaking at number one hundred and sixty-eight on the Billboard 200. However, the album was “Critically Acclaimed” and otherwise found success on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, the Top Independent Albums, and the Top Heatseekers, reaching number twenty, number eleven, and number ten, respectively.

Where can I find more information?

Teedra Moses on Myspace

Source: Myspace

Enjoy the videos!


This post is dedicated to the beautiful spirit of Aaliyah, that passed away exactly eight years ago to this day at the tender age of 22. It all seems so surreal and vivid like it just ahppened yesterday. I am a tremendous fan of Aaliyah's and I really didn't believe what happened until later that tragic day. It was heartbreaking and it was even harder to watch the making of the video. She was a beautiful young woman and had a genuine auroa about her. This post is dedicated to her today and I'll post some pictures & videos that were some of my favs. Feel free to leave a comment and request something or leave a remark about your favorite Aaliyah moment.

Rest In Peace
Aaliyah "Babygirl" Dana Haughton
January 16,1979-August 25,2001

Aaliyah - Rock The Boat
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Aaliyah--We Need A Resolution
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Aaliyah - miss you
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Aaliyah - 4 Page Letter
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